Each year there is something to look forward to that is different and exciting. Take a look at the 2018 offerings. Our 2019 offerings will be posted in the coming months. Sign up for our mailing list to get notified immediately!

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This year HIO is offering m

ore space, more time and more offerings! Team HIO has created an amazing weekend full of bliss, herbs, music and good vibes!

Check out our Saturday line up and make sure you have your swimsuit ready for our Pool Party on Saturday night!


Sunday Activites...Check out our Sunday line up and make sure you attend our Pussy Talks Panel!


HIO Venue 

We can't express our excitement about the venue for our 2018 HIO Retreat!  Each year our space grows more beautiful, more relaxing and more elevated and this year is no different!  This year we are on an 8 acre private desert hideaway estate, surrounded by miles of views.  With a lake, hiking trails, fun beaches, a pool, camping grounds and outdoor showers feet away, we are ready to take on this HIO weekend at the gem of the desert. 

This year the theme is "The Power of Pleasure" so follow your just may lead you to our Nude Sunbathing Zone. We will have a female only zone and a co-ed zone!


HIO Farmer's Market

We've always been blessed to collaborate with some of the most amazing wellness vendors in California.  This year is bigger and better than ever.  The Healing Inside Out vendors are excited to share about wellness for body, mind and spirit.  Learn and buy from some of the most influential plant-based wellness vendors. I guarantee you won't regret it. 


Music & Munchies 

With countless workshops, classes and amenities to partake in, we wanted to make sure that we were providing quality vibes as well.  A curated selection of amazing food vendors and musical guests will be in attendance this year to give you yet another amazing feature to choose from.  Relax by the pool and listen to some jams, or grab some tacos and take a seat by the lake.  We are excited about the possibilities (and hungry thinking about them).


HIO Creatives

Elevated painting has been a HIO favorite since our inaugural year.  Who doesn't love being able to bring back a unique keepsake like art?!  This year, MyLin, of ARTxMYLIN, is back hosting multiple workshops, but we've added some other amazing creative classes to the lineup for 2018.  Stay tuned for the official lineup due in May for our new amenities like Essentially Elevated and plant-based cooking classes.   


Mary Jane Massage

Ask anyone from the previous years about this amenity and I guarantee you'll sign up.  This 30 minute massage by our bodywork specialist will definitely take the edge off.  For the past two years he has made the hugest difference to give pain relief through accupressure and topical oils.  We are excited to have him returning for a third year to provide us all with that special touch.  (Included in VIP Packages.  Available a la carte)


Camp Grounds

It's lit on the camp grounds this year with HIO.  We are most excited that this year, all of our ticket passes are for TWO FULL DAYS of bliss.  We want you to stay and reap all of the amazing benefits of these tickets, so bring a sleeping bag and we'll provide the tent and let's camp under the starry night sky!  Get elevated as much as you want, knowing that you have a secure and safe space to crash at the end of the night.  With outdoor showers and bathrooms at your disposal (which is more than a lot of these festivals can say) we are happy to have you! 



With events and features getting added everyday, it feels a bit premature to hit you with the FULL LINEUP!  Check back by May and get the full lineup of vendors, events, brands, musical guests, and much more!