established in 2016

Started by the HIO Collective in 2016, The Healing Inside Out Retreat is an amazing community gathering to celebrate the healing properties of cannabis.  Focusing on creating a peaceful, informative and safe space to strengthen our bodies and minds together, this retreat is, above all, an elevated experience.  Previously known as The 420 Wellness Retreat, these days, changes are in more than the name.  With more amazing venues and  vendors each year, this is not an experience you want to miss. 


You read that right.  HIO 2018 is on Saturday and Sunday this year, with so many amazing perks happening before, after and every moment in between!

Every year we try to upgrade and, well, I think we've out done ourselves!  Acres of beautiful views, a lake and miles of nature to ground and center us. 

Our Puff & Paint workshops have been such a hit, we're bringing it back, along with some amazing new courses like Essentially Elevated and Canna Cooking!  The full lineup will be posted in May! Stay tuned. 

That's right, we're kicking it old school and we're camping on the grounds of our lovely estate.  You have everything you need to get and stay elevated, knowing you have a safe secure space to crash - and under the stars!

Whether it be with Chef Imani whipping up vegan eats, or a some tasty munchies from our delicious food vendors, we are happy to provide the vittles you love..


HIO RETREAT 2018 is the cannabis wellness experience you've been looking for!  This year's event passes are for TWO GLORIOUS DAYS of luxurious elevated bliss in our private and exclusive desert resort.  With amazing new amenities, features and events you will leave this retreat informed, restored and ready to take on your world again.  Check out our new amenities!


the hio collective


Healing inside Out is a wellness collective formed of love and self acceptance.  Co-founded by Ashley Asatu, a cannabis therapist from the SF Bay Area, and the wife and wife design duo, Stokes Kennedy working out of SoCal, HIO came together naturally for a community that was lacking a safe space.  In 2016, we hosted our first annual retreat, then called the 420 Wellness Retreat, and since, we have received amazing feedback from the community that this experience was needed and appreciated.  We want to encourage and nuture a space where you can be authentically you while celebrating the health of your body, mind and spirit.  HIO will continue to serve as an experience for all, and as a spotlight for women of color in cannabis.